No Matter Where You Are, We’ll Be There To Help

At BGR, we don’t let distance become a barrier to great service. We’ve traveled the globe performing expert radiator installation, radiator repair, cleaning, and problem-solving on site for our customers, so they can get back to business as soon as possible.

Because each job is unique, our technicians come prepared to handle it all. We design new radiators for a diversity of applications, conditions, and environments, and can add special coatings to address corrosion and environmental issues.

We Can Build Onsite

If a new radiator isn’t what you need, or it isn’t logistically possible to move out an old unit and replace it with a new unit, we can rebuild a new core right where it stands.

How We Work on Location

  • We visit the location, evaluate your equipment, and draw up a proposal with options.

  • The plan includes a “Price not to Exceed” total as well as equipment needs, a proposed work schedule, downtimes, and considerations for weather limitations.

  • Our crew arranges for cranes and/or heavy equipment, if necessary.

  • Work begins with special attention paid to following the strictest safety codes.

  • We pressure test and run the radiator to make sure everything works and fluid levels are correct.

  • When the job is complete, we leave the worksite in as-found or better condition.

  • If desired, your technicians can be included in the job to assist BGR’s staff.

5-year Warranty

BGR Radiator offers a 3-5 year Warranty on our products, one of the best in the industry. This warranty excludes any damage to the radiator and/or the presence of stray voltage in the cooling system.

Our conditions for this guarantee are:

  • The customer must do an annual check of all electrical grounds to prevent galvanic corrosion. This condition destroys more radiators than a loose fan blade!

  • The fins on the core need to be kept clean from debris and oil.

  • The customer must maintain a 50/50 mix of year-round summer and winter coolant, with proper inhibitors to prevent cooling-system corrosion.

BGR also offers an onsite cleaning for radiators and other heat exchangers that have become encrusted with dirt and oil, etc. and are not running to their peak performance. This includes:

  • Preparing the site with absorbent pads and “pigs” around the equipment to contain cleaning fluids and water.
  • Spraying the units with a degreaser to loosen debris.
  • A hot or cold water (dependent on the unit condition) power wash to clean the unit until all dirt is gone.
  • Vacuuming all liquids, containing them in drums, and removing from the worksite and bringing them to our shop.

“I am very pleased with the quality and support the City of Manassas has received from BGR. The city purchased a total of 4 BGR-H50 units. I would recommend BGR to anyone needing a radiator. Please call me if you want any more details on the service and support we received. Thanks again.”

Jamie HesterGeneration Manager
Generation Manager

“Everything went excellent. Your guys were fast and efficient and a pleasure to work with! All engines were tested and no leaks, drips or weeps were found. I will definitely keep BGR in mind for any future work in our AOR. Thanks for everything!”

Chris Conway
Project Manager, Norfolk VA

When we decided to purchase a radiator for our custom cooling system, our principal concern was finding a unit that would perform as desired under challenging operating conditions. BGR Radiator worked with us to understand the nature of our system and pair us up with a product that would meet our stringent requirements. At Werner Paddles, we deal with a variety of suppliers and vendors across a wide range of fields. I am pleased to say that we have been most satisfied by our interaction with BGR and the V04 radiator we purchased has worked perfectly since the day it arrived.”

Process Engineer, Werner Paddles