A remote radiator cools a generator when the generator is in a space where a regular radiator will not fit beside it. Placed at a distance from the generator, a remote radiator cools the system and keeps it from overheating.

BGR remote vertical and horizontal radiators are designed to cool diesel engines of varying HP sizes. Made with 3/16 inch steel construction and high-efficiency TEFC electric motors, our radiators are the highest standard radiators out there.

VERTICAL-AND-Horizontal remote radiator

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How do I know if I need a vertical or horizontal remote radiator?

Whether you need a vertical or remote radiator depends on the size and shape of your site plus the air flow. By evaluating the space in person or by using photographs, our remote radiator experts can determine if a vertical, horizontal, or custom-designed remote radiator is what you need.

What if my space is too small for a typical remote radiator?

A radiator engineer can measure the space and build a radiator that will work in your location. Sometimes these are built directly onsite, and other times, they are built offsite and delivered and installed.

Are remote radiators loud?

Sometimes remote radiators can be loud, but there are low-noise options available.

Do I need an expansion tank for my remote radiator?
Can I install my own remote radiator?

It is possible for a non-expert to install a remote radiator. But if that seems daunting or you have special circumstances, BGR can install it for you. There are usually travel costs added to the price if the customer is not within a reasonable driving distance.

What if my remote radiator needs to be repaired?
Does every generator need a remote radiator?
How quickly can a remote radiator be delivered and installed?

Although we serve customers everywhere, it is easiest for us to deliver and install remote radiators in Rhode Island, New York, Connecticut, and Massachusetts, or anywhere in the Northeastern United States.