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1995 Ford F series heavy duty truck used by UPS

Class 6, 7 and 8 heavy-duty truck radiator cores are composed of headers, fins and tubes which are subject to a variety of punishing over the road conditions. There’s the constant barrage of debris and other larger objects, jolts from irregular road surfaces and the endless flow of air through the body of the core. The relentless airflow around radiator tubes manufactured from inferior and thinner gauge materials will cause the tubes to erode quicker than those manufactured with heavier gauge, better quality materials. That erosion will eventually cause tube punctures and leaks. Heavier gauge fin material will decrease the possibility of fin tearing which causes reduced fin surface, loss of heat transfer and over-heating.

Over the road and off-road jolts to a heavy-duty truck radiator with header plates manufactured from thinner gauge materials will cause contortions to the tube connections at the headers resulting in leaks, loss of coolant and eventual engine over-heating.


Make sure that the heavy-duty truck radiator core you select for your over the road and off-road application is manufactured with header, fin and tube materials sufficient to withstand the punishing conditions to which they are constantly exposed.


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