Wednesday, July 3, 2013 @ 09:07 PM
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The moving parts inside a heavy duty truck engine block produce friction, and friction produces heat. Unless abated, that heat will cause problems for the heavy duty truck parts inside (and outside) the block. The engine will overheat and parts will seize. A heavy duty truck radiator is designed to sufficiently cool the engine block to prevent overheating and parts seizure. To prevent overheating a water/coolant mixture is circulated through chambers in the engine block and through the tubes and fins of the radiator where the excess heat is removed. The cooled mixture is then re-circulated through the engine block drawing heat away from the heavy duty truck parts. If the coolant flow is interrupted by blockage or if the coolant levels/mixtures are not properly maintained, the engine will overheat and serious problems will develop. The basic function therefore of a heavy duty truck radiator is to remove excess heat from the engine block in order to prevent serious damage to the heavy duty truck parts inside and outside that block.

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